12 in 12 Progress Update: Reddit Clone

This is probably the 3rd time I’ve restarted this challenge. The previous times, I’d gotten bogged down in the user authentication side of things so much, I couldn’t get out of the rabbit hole to focus on the rest of the application. There’s such a wealth of customisation possible with Guardian and Ueberauth, etc. that it’s really quite easy to forget about the rest.

I’ve created a single Github repository to store all the applications for each challenge and will be tracking progress with ZenHub. It’s all an attempt to keep myself accountable and motivated to move forward and not get bogged down in any one feature of an application. The actual repository for the Reddit clone is here.

Reddit clone

Progress? Oh yeah, I did mention something about that in the title…The CRUD functionality for Posts and overall theme has been completed. The layout is a customised version of Feedo by blacktie.co. I’ve tweaked it to look more like sidebar.io. Where sidebar.io allows users to login with their Twitter account, I’m keeping things simple and having a single user with login via basic authentication. We can get a bit fancy with social media OAuth logins in the later challenges, but I just want to keep things moving with this one and get it out the door.

Next steps would be to implement user authentication and categories. I’ve toyed with the idea of creating automatic screenshots of websites from the submitted URLs, but that’s in the “nice to have” list and not in the “must have” list. Easter break is coming up this weekend, so hopefully, I will have this all finished next week.