12in12 - Delayed

Already, I’m behind on my first #12in12 project for Phoenix/Elixir, but it’s all for a good reason. User authentication turns out to be so much less ‘plug and play’ in the Phoenix world. Coupled with the fact that I’m trying to learn a new language at the same time, I’ve struggled with understanding how Ueberauth and Guardian fit into a basic authentication workflow. Now that I’ve finally (I think) figured out how these libraries all hang together with (Comeonin)[https://github.com/riverrun/comeonin], I’ve been working on a template project. I can imagine myself using this combination a lot in the future, so I thought it was worth taking the time now to create a ‘starter kit’.

Next post, will hopefully be about how I’ve finished the first project for the 12in12 challenge. *crosses fingers and toes*