January 7, 2020 Reboot. Gridsome + Netlify = ❤️

I've migrated my blog from Hugo to Gridsome.

I've been spending a lot of time learning Vue.js and the ecosystem of tools around it, so wanted to try and build my personal site with a Vue-based framework. Surprisingly, I found it so much easier to build a site in Gridsome than in Hugo. There are still a couple issues and missing features around that I have to deal with, but for the most part the layout and configuration of the site is done.

With Hugo, I was using a free theme that I had customised and it was difficult merging upgrades to the theme and keeping my customisations intact. It really started to put me off working on the site because I would get annoyed working on the theme. I ended up spending more time tweaking/fixing the theme that actually writing anything. I never had a problem with Hugo itself, though.

I'm also deploying the site on Netlify now and using Netlify CMS to manage the content on the site. I'd tried deploying the site on GitHub/GitLab Pages in the past, but I find the features Netlify offers are more than I can get from either.

There weren't a whole lot of useful posts in the previous instance of this blog, so I've dropped all those posts and started fresh.